Residential Security

We offer one of the best deals in home security systems. Our basic system provides you with three door sensors, one infrared motion detector and one smoke detector. If you sign-up for a 36 month monitoring agreement, we will provide all the equipment for free and we will even install it for you at no charge. You only pay $40 a month!

Commercial Security

We price our commercial business security systems the same way we price our residential system. You get the same great package for the same price. We provide full installation and equipment for free, as well. Simply sign-up for our 36 month monitoring agreement for $40 a month and we will keep your business secure!

Flood Detection Systems

Flood Detectors

Flood detectors can provide you with an extra feeling of security. Without a water alarm, a little drip can turn into a major unwanted problem. Flood detectors can monitor water levels in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or wherever you feel you need a little extra security. Installing at least one flood detector (usually near your water heater) is a great way to protect your home or business from an expensive bill caused by water damage.

Flood detectors are easy to integrate into your existing home security system. They have a sensor that are typically placed on the floor and use wireless technology to communicate to a receiver. The sensors are capable or sensing even small amounts of moisture. More advanced flood detectors include temperature sensing to identify possible freeze conditions.