Residential Security

We offer one of the best deals in home security systems. Our basic system provides you with three door sensors, one infrared motion detector and one smoke detector. If you sign-up for a 36 month monitoring agreement, we will provide all the equipment for free and we will even install it for you at no charge. You only pay $40 a month!

Commercial Security

We price our commercial business security systems the same way we price our residential system. You get the same great package for the same price. We provide full installation and equipment for free, as well. Simply sign-up for our 36 month monitoring agreement for $40 a month and we will keep your business secure!

Freezer Temperature Monitors

Commercial Freezer Monitors

Freezer temperature alarms are very beneficial to hospitals, laboratories and doctor's offices, to name a few. A freezer or refrigerator can also easily malfunction and cause major issues when no one is around. With a freezer temperature alarm, you can make sure that a constant temperature is maintained. If you have an auto dialer installed with it, you will receive a phone call any time the alarm is triggered. The loss of perishable items or important research can be devastating.

A freezer temperature alarm can be installed in older or newer models. It can also be used for monitoring humidity, smoke, electricity loss, motion, water and much more. Custom designed products can include: temperature monitors, temperature alarms, data logging, multi-point thermocouple over-temperature alarms and monitors, PC based data monitoring and data logging and single phase motor speed controls.