Residential Security

We offer one of the best deals in home security systems. Our basic system provides you with three door sensors, one infrared motion detector and one smoke detector. If you sign-up for a 36 month monitoring agreement, we will provide all the equipment for free and we will even install it for you at no charge. You only pay $40 a month!

Commercial Security

We price our commercial business security systems the same way we price our residential system. You get the same great package for the same price. We provide full installation and equipment for free, as well. Simply sign-up for our 36 month monitoring agreement for $40 a month and we will keep your business secure!

Infrared Motion Detectors

Infrared Motion Detectors

There are two forms of infrared (IR) motion detectors: active and passive. Active IR detectors have a radiation source and an IR sensor. They are used as intrusion detectors. They are placed in a path where there may be an intruder. Passive IR detectors detects heat energy radiated or emitted by an object. The radiation sensors detect changes in ambient infrared radiation.

We offer top-of-the-line Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detectors. They are one of the most frequently used home security devices and they are very advanced and easy to install. Our PIR motion detectors will reject false alarms caused by spot temperature changes like a small or medium size animal. Some devices will sound an alarm when it is triggered or some even sound an alarm if they are tampered with.