Residential Security

We offer one of the best deals in home security systems. Our basic system provides you with three door sensors, one infrared motion detector and one smoke detector. If you sign-up for a 36 month monitoring agreement, we will provide all the equipment for free and we will even install it for you at no charge. You only pay $40 a month!

Commercial Security

We price our commercial business security systems the same way we price our residential system. You get the same great package for the same price. We provide full installation and equipment for free, as well. Simply sign-up for our 36 month monitoring agreement for $40 a month and we will keep your business secure!

Wireless Security Accessories

Wireless Security Accessories

Wireless keys and accessories offer the convenience and flexibility of portable wireless remote control. You can arm or disarm your alarm from a distance and it can also be programmed to trigger garage door openers, turn on lights, open powered gates or trigger a panic alarm.

A home alarm remote control keypad usually has two or four buttons, but can have six or more. The buttons on the small device let you activate the signals needed to connect with the security systemís control panel. Some of them may have a talking feature. It is small and can be attached to your key ring. It will usually use a lithium battery.

You can also have a wireless wall plate. It provides you with the same functions of a wireless key and can be easily mounted and installed. It is very slim and lightweight. It also has additional functions such as opening garage doors, turning on lights or opening powered gates.